Pedram Gholizadeh

a simple developer focused on web development!
started since 2008
During these few years, after passing through period of gaining experience, I'm now HAPPY to be able to create new products. Mobile Applications, Web Applications, CRM Services, e-commerce Services, Telegram bots and etc.
In this site, I will focus on sharing the experiences of these years.
If you would like to be part of the Webiro family, contact me now.

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For many years, I have worked in the field of Web Developing and SEO, have collaborated with more than 50 large and small organizations, but none of them have made me as happy as being a FREELANCER! I'm happy that I have been able to play a role in the development of the persian programming community. The right of Iranians is freedom.
Hoping for FREEDOM ...

Pedram Gholizadeh
Project manager @ W E B I R O